VE7IHL Firmware Projects

  • RC210 Controller Alternate Firmware
  • HobbyPCB HardRock-50 Firmware Updates v4.2a
  • HobbyPCB Hardrock-50 ICOM-705 interface hardware + firmware updates

RC210 Repeater Controller Alternate Firmware

More Information here:

HARDROCK-50 Firmware/hardware Updates

Latest HARDROCK-50 firmware done by VE7IHL is v4.2a. This supports the following:

  • ICOM CI-V command parsing on the serial port for auto-band switching
  • Additions to support the ICOM “Auto-Tuner” Emulation from the IC-705 Interface
  • Various internal firmware fixes

HARDROCK-50 ICOM-705 Bluetooth Interface

  • Updated firmware supports emulation of an ICOM Auto-Tuner. This means the “Tuner” option in the IC-705 becomes active and works as expected!
  • Requires the addition of a small PCB (hardware) to be installed to provide for the connection to the IC-705 Tuner jack.

For obtaining these firmware updates from HobbyPCB, contact them at the following link:

Product Links:

ARCOM RC210 Repeater Controller:

HobbyPCB HardRock-50: ex.php/products/hf-radio/hardrock-50-hf-power-amp

HobbyPCB HardRock-50 IC-705 Interface: